Specialized AI gives Boson Innovations a clear edge in medical imaging

Boson InnovationsOne of the things that attract us to Collision Conference is the wide range of products and technologies that are exhibited every year. There are so many great new devices and apps that are geared towards entertainment, security, and health. And we love getting a chance to see them all.

For our first interview this year, we were thrilled to learn about some new medical advancements that will help us as patients by first helping our doctors. Traveling to Collision Conference from Mexico, Roberto Montoya, CEO of Boson Innovations, stopped by to show off what his startup, is currently working on. They are seeking to solve problems in the medical industry by adding artificial intelligence to the analysis of medical imaging with their system called SMAIR VISION. This allows doctors to give a more accurate diagnosis, in less time. From the sounds of it, the process could not be easier to integrate into their existing workflow. The doctors will add their normal images, i.e. MRI/X-Ray, to this newly developed platform and with the click of a button, the software will analyze the images by using integrated whole algorithms. The image is then quickly processed and the doctor is given immediate feedback to assist in formulating the diagnosis.

Their platform is still in the early stages, but they have a working prototype that is performing as expected at this time. They are in the process of increasing accuracy and are then planning to add enhancements as testing continues. The product will first be launched in Mexico, where the tests are currently being conducted. They hope to bring it next to the US and Canada, with prospects of eventually being worldwide.

Their mission is to provide doctors with safe and effective medical diagnostic assistance services that encompass multiple types of medical images. A system of this nature will be able to assist in more than 10 different medical specialties, giving doctors and patients, alike, the peace of mind of knowing that they have the proper diagnosis.

Find out more by watching the full interview. For more information and to follow their journey, check out their website.

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