The Gift of the Universe Right on Your Smartphone

Vaonis Stellina TelescopeVaonis introduces Stellina – a completely new kind of telescope. It is easy to use, portable and delivers the images directly to your smartphone. Their goal is to make astronomy more accessible for everybody. The thought of having to set up a standard telescope properly, looking through a small hole and still not really being able to see what you are looking for is not very appealing. But Stellina changes all of that. Via the connected app, it knows your GPS location when you set it up and it searches out the stars for you. You can also request specific sightings and Stellina will find them for you. For example, a certain nebula or galaxy, or even the International Space Station when it is in your area. Imagine having this kind of telescope during an eclipse. It will find and track the best viewing vantage and you can watch the whole thing right on your phone.

Stellina is compact and lightweight enough to be carried in a backpack and boasts 5 – 10 hours of battery life, depending upon usage. The app is easy to use and, once installed, is easily accessed via the push of a button on the telescope. It not only provides you with amazing images that are easy to save and share on social media, but it will also provide information about what it is that you are viewing.

Whether you are wanting an easy and fun way to keep up with your astronomy hobby, or you are looking to become more active in the astronomical community, Stellina is for you. It will be available in Q3 2018 for $2,999 but you can preorder yours now with a CES special for $2,499 from their website.

Interview by Marissa Schiereck of The New Product Launchpad.
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