The Best Color Choices When Makeup is Your Everything

MimeWe are inspired by the colors and styles that are around us every day. They help us express who we are. Mime is the company that can help you discover the shades that you want just by downloading their new app, Flawless Makeup. Mime did their homework so that all you need to do is take a picture of a desired color whether it’s a shade on a flower, a color of a wall, or even the makeup on the model in your favorite magazine. Flawless Makeup lets you select the shade you want in the image and then matches it with the same color from 26 thousand sources of inventory found in 150 different brands.

Mime wants to get the chance to get to know your personal style and they do this by asking a few personality and preference questions upon starting the app so that they can give you recommendations based on what you like. They also give you the opportunity to filter through different categories, brands, and prices. You can find the best trends by browsing the app categorized by special occasions like weddings, girl’s night out, staying in, etc. There are even collaborations with celebrity makeup artists to show off the latest trends, styles, brands, and colors.

You can download Flawless Makeup now through iOS and Android. Learn more about Mime and their vision for beauty by going to their website.

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