Your Time is Important to theCut

theCutIn this age, we are all busy. When a man wants to get a haircut, he usually walks into a barbershop and sits down and waits to be called. With theCut, he can book an appointment, pay for it and even tip at the touch of a button. This is a mobile app made for barbers and barbershops. It eliminates the need for carrying cash and the frustration of not being allowed to use your card or having to make a run to the ATM.

Since barbershops have evolved into a total grooming centers, they do more than just cut hair and shave your face. This app allows the business to list all of their services available to their clients and promote those that they specialize in, such as fades or shaves. In turn, the customer can search for a specific barber that offers the specialty service that they are needing, and thereby filtering out those that don’t offer what they want. There is also the capability for the client to leave reviews.

This app is currently being marketed to New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Cleveland and Los Angeles. It is ready to go now for barbers nationwide.

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