TechGirl Leads Young Women to Be A Powerful Force in Technology

TechGirlImagine being a young female with a lot of great ideas for starting up a company and you cannot get someone to listen to you because of who you are-a female. Enter TechGirl, whose mission it is to connect those young females, those technology entrepreneurs, with a network of specialty advisers and mentorships to help them launch their start-up companies. Its founder, Jennifer DeReyes, shared a story about how her passion for this company was formed. She was at an IBM conference with her 8 year old daughter and upon being asked what she noticed about the room filled with 20,000 people, her daughter replied “Where are the women? I see all men.” TechGirl wants to change that gender gap.

They have a network of internal resources that include advisers in finance, marketing, and development who are looking for girls who have the biggest and brightest ideas to help to bring them into the STEM Pipeline. The best way is to get them early, as young as elementary school and expose them to STEM and into the pipeline and then into the Incubation Lab that they can successfully launch their product. During this process they work with advisers and mentors in finance and marketing for about a year to help bring their product or service to fruition. In doing this, they will come out on the other end ready to manage a company, a benefit not available without TechGirl. You can be a mentor or a mentee.

This service is based in Philadelphia and California. The app will launch in November 2017.

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