Engage Your Employees Easily with MeetingPulse

MeetingPulseIt’s important for employees to feel involved in the company they work for. Usually the decision-making is left up to the powers that be and the employees feel inadequate and left out. MeetingPulse is there to help the employees be more engaged in the meeting itself.

The premise is to have a pre-meeting to a web-based URL . The people on the team receive the link and can take a poll regarding perhaps some things that were discussed at the last meeting. Some of these can be discussing points made at the previous meeting or questions they may have. This is to pre-engage them for the upcoming meeting. Their answers can be hidden until they come into the meeting, or they can see the answers to the poll in advance. The information received through these polls can change the entire flow or reason for the meeting in the first place.

This is available now and has several different models, starting with a trial plan for a week to see if this fits in with your business all the way up to a large-based plan for large companies that meet with several hundred people at the same time. These larger plans have more developed features. This service is easy to use and very convenient for your phone. Base price starts at $79.00 a month.

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