Convenient Fitness Right At Your Fingertips with upace

upaceSometimes attending the gym on a normal basis can add some unnecessary stress when you don’t want to deal with a crowded workout with the equipment taken. Luckily, the new application, upace has the answer for that very issue! upace allows you to find the right time to go to the gym by informing you on occupancy levels in real time per gym to see which gyms are crowded. You can also use this app to book a reservation with your friends for a group fitness class or using machine cardio equipment that you could feel committed to.

upace is great for the average gym goer but is also useful for the fitness facilities, as well. The admin side of this app involves tools to help the facility engage, communicate, and receive data from the members. Rec centers can easily bring in more traffic and use this gathered data to see the busiest hours, equipment used and checked out, and gain insight to efficiency in the facility. upace also provides different member app platforms depending on the needs of the center.

Keep rec centers connected to the members by downloading upace on iOS. Pricing includes an annual licensing fee that is custom to the facility. Find out more by going to their website.

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