Get the Most in and out of Your Important Links with BudUrl

BudURLHere at PLuGHiTz Live, we generate a lot of links for our various articles, interviews, events and shows. It’s how we get our viewers additional information and purchase opportunities in a simple, concise manner. Journalists, bloggers and businesses create these links everyday.

BudUrl is taking these links to the next level by creating intelligent links with their unique and sophisticated link management system. They ingrain valuable insights into every link. Things like the topic, participants, locations and more. Not only does it give the recipients all of this information, but the originator can then get important statistics back. This creates important audience insights to help better understand not only how many clicks are generated, but which links performed the best.

Features include branded short links, advanced analytics, dynamic optimization and also support in an easy to use and secure platform. You are also able to customize and integrate your favorite platforms.

Check out this interview, as well as their website for more specifics.

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