You Can ‘Face’ Your Cookies with A New Innovative Idea from Selffee

SelffeeImagine being able to have cookies with a picture of you or someone of your choice on them. That is what Selffee is all about. You can now have photos printed on cookies or even coffee for parties such as a Sweet 16, baby’s birthdays or a Bat Mitzvah as a take-away favors. They are very beneficial at trade shows as a give-away for advertising.

The printing is inward facing, meaning that you have to physically be at the event to submit a photo for printing. The process is done through special hardware and uses 6-colors of FDA-certified completely edible, water-based ink. The coffee printing is done on a layer of foam or whipped cream much like a latte. You can take your own selfie or send it to them to be printed. They have 6 printers now and more are on the way. One of the more unusual items they have printed faces on was a pizza. As it is water-based, unlike a frosting, it is colorless and tasteless.

For Selffee to come to your event, prices vary based on several factors, such as the number of guests, the location of the event, and the amount of hours. They are currently based in Long Island, NY and will soon be in Los Angeles. To book them for your event, check out their website.

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