Businesses Get a Boost with Belay Solutions

BELAY SolutionsIn the world of mountain climbing and repelling, the best friend you can have is called a belay. They assist the climber and enable him or her to climb higher. That, in essence, is what Belay Solutions does for small and large businesses alike.

Through remote workers, Belay Solutions is able to provide outsourced “virtual assistants.” These assistants can provide a number of functions including copy writing, web design and bookkeeping. This is particularly helpful to startups who often have only one or two employees.

They work with their clients so that they get the best placement of a VA by looking at their hard and soft skills. This service is wonderful for travelers, who themselves are actually VAs . They don’t really need someone in their office for a 40 hour work week. Belay Solutions have also been very helpful to pastors, speakers, coaches and authors, taking them from being individuals to a fully functioning company.

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