Amadas is Opening (and Closing) Doors with Smart Levers at CES

Amadas LogoIt’s no surprise that connected/smart devices could be found all over the place at this year’s CES. Proving that, at some point, every facet of the modern home will have a chip in it, Todd met up with Min from Amadas. Min demonstrated her company’s new smart door lever lock. The lock has some impressive features:

  • Unlock door using either Amadas mobile app or PIN
  • Built-in emergency solar panel lets you recharge the door lock’s battery using just the light from your smartphone’s camera, in case the battery dies while you’re out
  • Control the smart door lock from anywhere, at any time, using the Amadas mobile app
  • See a login history of who has accessed a specific door lock
  • Amadas door lock hardware comes in a variety of designs with customized options available
  • Uses Z-Wave technology to ensure security

The Amadas smart door lever lock is expected to retail for between $300 and $400

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