Take Your Car to the Fantastic Future with OverDryve

Rand McNally OverDryveWith many cars today without touch screen dash boards, or review cameras, Rand McNally has created OverDryve, an attachable touch screen that takes your old car to the future. OverDryve is a 7-inch touch screen that carries similar functions to many modern cars. One of the benefits of OverDryve is that it can easily be attached to any car and can be upgraded with many different useful functions. A majority of the operations do not need a Wi-Fi or 4G internet because it can connect with your phone via Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth connection with your phone also allows you to use voice to text to connect quickly and easily send and receive safe text messages. OverDryve can also use the phone to play music, including through Pandora and Spotify, both of which are accessible by the screen. The device can sync your audio and play from your car’s speakers or the OverDryve’s speaker.

The OverDryve screen is not the only product available. In addition, they have optional attachments, like a back-up camera and a tire pressure gauge. The wireless back-up camera attaches to the back of your car and records the drive while it gives a live feed of what is behind you. Rand McNally also has tire pressure gauges that screw onto the tire and can inform the driver if air pressure falls below optimal levels. With Rand McNally OverDryve drivers are able to take advantage of the technology available now and use it to make driving safe for everyone.

The OverDryve Car Tablet is available for $399.99, the Wireless Backup Camera runs $129.99 and Tire Pressure Monitoring System is available for $149.99.

Interview by Allante Sparks of PLuGHiTz Live Special Events for the Tech Podcast Network

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