For Tech in the Home, Innovation is Energized to the Next Level

digitalSTROMdigitalSTROM is the brains behind home innovation. They are an innovative force behind software that makes various pieces of smart home technology work together. The home is actually way behind when it comes to technology, as opposed to things like automobiles. Automation in the home started many years ago with something as simple as the coffee machine and until recently, really hasn’t advanced much further from there. And although we are seeing more an more in the way of products for the smart home, for the most part they are just individual components that assist with one or two functions in the home.

digitalSTROM envisions a digital transformation in the home where everything works together and with everyone in the home, no matter their age. They want to make every device smart so that they have access to cognitive services and can learn and adapt with the users. The modern day digital home started in the living room with audio and televisions and then moved to things like lighting and now refrigerators. The next step is moving into other rooms of the house but they need companies to create devices and everyday items to work for digital operation.

They are currently working on making the software work with the young and elderly and to work with what different people may want.

digitalSTROM started in Europe and Asia and are only now moving to North and South America. This company is encouraging tech companies to create and upgrade current and future devices and machines for the future.

Interview by Daniele Mendez of The New Product Launchpad for the Tech Podcast Network.

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