Lego Education Builds a Future Through its Famous Blocks

legoeducationIdeas and inventions, like those shown off this year at CES, need people to first come up with the concepts that will be brought to life. There is a good chance that future presenters may have had their minds shaped by Lego Education.

Out to show that the simple building blocks can be used for more than just constructing a simple car or a complex castle, Lego Education announced at CES its WeDo 2.0, which is designed to bring science to life in the classroom through robotics. According to senior segment manager Leshia Hoot, WeDo 2.0 was put together with elementary-age students in mind and teaches them the basics of things from coding and programming to working with motors and sensors. The concept was kept simplified to make it accessible to both students and teachers, with easy-to-use software that is icon-based drag and drop.

According to Hoot, the core set of WeDo 2.0 retails for about $160 and comes with several projects, access to the software and a curriculum guide with 40-plus hours of activity. More information can be found at or if you are outside of the U.S.

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