Toyota’s FCV Plus Will Use Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Toyota logoToyota believes that hydrogen is the future of the automotive industry. They have created a concept vehicle called the FCV Plus, which demonstrates Toyota’s vision of a connected, sustainable hydrogen society.

Nakia spoke with Product Specialist for Toyota, Maggie Clark, at CES 2016. They talked about Toyota’s FCV Plus. It is a concept vehicle that uses hydrogen fuel cell technology that Toyota has been working on since 1992.

The FCV Plus is capable of generating electricity directly from hydrogen stored outside the vehicle and thus operating as a stable source of electric power for use at home or on the go. The FCV Plus will be able to generate so much electricity that it will be able to wirelessly charge an electric vehicle that is pulled up next to it. The FCV Plus could also be plugged into the grid and be able to charge up to ten homes on a block.

The fuel cells themselves are very advanced. When it is time to replace your vehicle with a new one, you could remove the fuel cell stack and continue using it as a stationary fuel cell stack that can provide electricity to your home or business.

Toyota is expecting that their FCV Plus concept vehicle will be on the market around 2030.

Nakia Mann is a video host who specializes in covering live events for PLuGHiTz Live.

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