Papago is a Dashcam Frontrunner

Papago logoAmericans are just beginning to use dashcams in their vehicles (but they are commonly used outside of the United States). There are many good reasons to use one. Papago is the frontrunner when it comes to dashcams. Their dashcams not only record your drive but also have useful safety features.

Todd and Don spoke with Marketing Rep of Papago Inc., Rachel Quaill, at CES 2016. They discussed the many uses and features of Papago’s dashcams, and focused on the GoSafe S30. It is Papago’s higher end model in their GoSafe series.

The GoSafe S30 is super compact and lightweight. It has a Sony sensor, which, in conjunction with the GoSafe S30 high quality lens, gives you super high quality nighttime vision. The video it produces will not have the fish eye look. In addition, you can take the camera off the mount and use it to take photos.

You can mount the GoSafe S30 to your windshield either with a suction cup or a sticky mount (that is intended to be permanent). Plug the camera into your dashboard. You can set up the video resolution however you want, but 1080 HD is recommended. The camera will start recording (both video and audio) when your vehicle starts moving. If your car is hit, the GoSafe S30 will automatically write protect that file.

Safety features include stop sign recognition. The camera will alert the driver when a stop sign is coming up. It can also alert the driver when the car ahead of him or her has started moving. You can set a driver fatigue alarm to remind you to stop and take a rest. There is also a light reminder that tells you to turn on your headlights.

The GoSafe S30 is priced at $179.99 and is available now. Check the Papago website for a full list of retailers that sell the GoSafe S30.

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