Brinno Brings Impressive Roster of Cameras to CES

Brinno LogoIt’s kind of cliche now that nearly every moment of our lives is captured by a camera somewhere. Whether or not that’s a good or bad thing depends upon your own point of view. Regardless, camera manufacturer Brinno is bringing innovative new cameras to market that can help anyone get the footage they desire.

Chris R. Adams from Brinno stopped off to speak with Todd and Don at this year’s CES. Chris brought along four new devices and was ready to show them off. First up is Brinno’s PanLapse camera base. PanLapse isn’t a camera itself. Rather, it’s designed to hold a number of different cameras. Everything from smartphones to dSLR’s. PanLapse relies on programming from the Brinno smartphone app. This programming tells the device how and when to pan thru its field of motion, giving the attached camera the ability to pan and sweep as needed. PanLapse is on the market now for $130.

Next up is the TLC120 time-lapse camera. TLC120 is a small, weatherproof, HDR time-lapse camera that can take up to 270,000 pictures and store them on a 32GB SD card. TLC120 can also stream images to a smartphone or computer. The camera works over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and it comes with a built-in tripod stand. TLC120 can be set for use in starlight, daylight, low light, and other scenarios. TLC120 is available for purchase for $299.

Brinno has also brought a special package to CES called the BCC200 Pro. The BCC200 is a higher-end version of the company’s TLC120 camera and it’s being sold as part of a package exclusively thru B&H Photo. Suggested price for the BCC200 is $239.

The last item Chris had to share this year is Brinno’s PHV1325 PeepHole Viewer camera. The name pretty much says it all in this case. PHV1325 comes with a peephole replacement kit for your door. When you install the PHV1325 camera, it’ll record any activity it detects at your door and it can even send that video directly to your smartphone or computer. PHV1325 works with a system of sensors that can be placed on your doorbell, under a doormat, detect when someone knocks on the door or simply walks in front of your door. When the PeepHole Viewer detects movement at your door, it can instantly notify you and send you images of what’s going on. The device carries a retail price of $199.

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