Add a Full-Sized Keyboard to your Mobile with TREWGrip at CES

TREWGrip logoPeople tend to use their smartphones differently than they do their desktop or laptop computers. It’s easy to take notes or photos on a mobile device. However, if your project requires a lot of typing, you’ll probably want to utilize a larger keyboard. TREWGrip provides an efficient solution that combines the best aspects of mobile devices with the easier to use keyboards that come with computers.

Scott met up with Mark Parker from TREWGrip. The TREWGrip is a handheld keyboard, air mouse, and game controller. It can be used with smart TVs and desktop computers. They took a regular keyboard, split it, and rotated the keys so that people could hold the keyboard in their hands and type at the same time. It is still a QWERTY keyboard, so your muscle memory from typing will remain the same.

The back of the TREWGrip contains a built-in mobile dock. Put a docking plate onto your smartphone (or inside the back of its case) and the smartphone can now adhere to the TREWGrip and be paired via Bluetooth. In addition to a smartphone, you can dock a mini tablet that is up to 5 and a half inches wide.

Now, you can use the TREWGrip to type and take notes directly into the mobile device. There is a map of the keys on the back of the device for those who are not “touch typists.” Press a key, and that key lights up for you on the map. The TREWGrip also lets you move the mouse on your device by tilting the keyboard. TREWGrip will be shipping in March of 2015 for a target price of $249.00.

Interview by Scott of F5 Live for the TechPodcast Network.

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