Plastc Is One Card to Rule Them All at CES

Plastc CardWe’re all burdened by many of these plastic rectangles otherwise known as credit, debit, bank, membership and loyalty cards are high up the agenda. Many of these cards are infrequently used but you don’t want to leave them behind “just in case”. Plastc looks to replace all those cards with just one. Todd finds out more about his new flexible friend from Ryan.

The Plastc card incorporates a programmable magnetic strip, EMV chip and an eInk touch-screen display. The stripe and the chip make the Plastc very flexible and future-proofed for “Chip’n’PIN” which is widespread in Europe and soon to come to the U.S. The eInk touch-screen selects and displays the card currently being cloned. The screen can also show barcodes for laser-scanned loyalty cards.

The Plastc card works with an app for iOS and Android to upload the details of the card via bluetooth and there are several security systems in place to ensure that the Plastc card is unusable if lost. The Plastc card is currently on pre-order for $155 with delivery expected in summer 2015.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast Network.

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