Flic is a Shortcut Button for Your Life

20141116125901-IntroducingFlicPranav Kosuri describes Flic as an “easy button that actually does something.” And he could not be more right. The Flic is a small bluetooth enabled button that connects to your phone and enables you to set up shortcuts for actions you commonly use. Each Flic can have three actions assigned to it through its iOS and Android app, a press, double press, and long press. You can control Spotify, call home, send a text message to a loved one, or get directions to your next calendar appointment; all with a single press of a button. The Flic is powered by a coin cell battery which will last 60,000 clicks, so if you use Flic 10 times a day it will last 16 years. Flic ships with a reusable, micro suction adhesive backing allowing you to stick it practically anywhere. Along with the adhesive, there are also accessories available so you can clip Flic to your clothes or a bag and take it anywhere you go.

Flic’s Indiegogo campaign was a huge success. They raised over 800% of their asking amount. The campaign is over now and the backers should be receiving their Flics by April. After the backer’s orders have been filled Flic will be available on their website and at their partnered retailers. If you want some more information about Flic, check out their website at Flic.io.

Interview  by Chris Davis for the Tech Podcast Network