UberConference Adds Visual Interface on Audio Calls

uberconference-geekazine-cesAudio phone conferencing has not changed too much in the last few years. More and more people are using conference calls. Coordinating who is there can be one of the toughest things. Add in *73 to mute and unmute or other hotkeys that require a cheat sheet.

Uberconference wants to do away with all that by creating a simple video interface. It’s not video conferencing but it will give you an idea of who is talking. The Uberconference interface will move the people around to highlight who is talking. The interface will also give the moderator the power to fix problems. If someone’s audio is interfering with the speaker then you can just use the Uberconference interface to mute or lower the sound. You can even throw “earmuffs” on a caller so they cannot hear the conversation (great for if you have to talk to your team).

Craig Walker used to work at Google Voice. He started UberConference to enhance the audio phone conference environment. Uberconference is free – with a pay version at $10  a month. The pay version removes all watermarks, gives you a local number to work from and also can call participants at scheduled times. www.uberconference.com


Video by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Nicholas Dimeo of F5 Live