R360UND Brings Science and Data to Your Action Shots

Action cameras have been one of the latest crazes at CES. From GoPro to one of our favorites, Liquid Image’s Apex HD, the cameras have gotten better, have added Wi-Fi and can really take a beating. But something is lacking from those gadgets once you capture that stunt or trick – the data. Not the video itself, but the science behind the video, like the acceleration rate or G-force the rider got from that last jump. Well, R360UND (pronounced “rebound”) looks to give you all of that with a sensor device that captures anything you’d ever want to know about that successful (or not so successful) backflip you just pulled off. It can read altitude, location, acceleration, G-force and more. You can then take that data and lay it over the video itself or, if it was a failed trick, look at the data to see where exactly the problem lied. So before you jump onto the ski lift and hit Devil’s Curve in Aspen, be sure to check out this video.


Video by Nicholas DiMeo of F5 Live.