CES 2013 Post Show TPN. tv Assets


The team has packed up and is heading home from CES 2013, but we have a metric ton of content to produce, post & analyze but that does not stop you from reviewing everything we have online so far.

We want to thank the folks over at LiveStream who worked with us and made the Live experience an “ad free” one. We have all of the content segments posted on Livestream, and while they need some time hack refinements you can watch the segments now by day and hour.. CES 2013 Live Livestream Segments

Our Liveblog was hugely successful. We have had so far 246,769 user engagement minutes so far, or over 4111 hours of viewing. You can see the entire live blog here on the TPN.tv site.

We are still working on the numbers for the live content and will get you our totals for that shortly.

Over the coming weeks, we will be producing each floor and live interview as an individual segment and they will be posted to this website and all of our team members websites.