CES 2013 is officially the Largest Floor Show in History (1.87 million Square Feet)


Coming to CES? Better bring 2 pairs of shoes because The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) announced CES will have 3,000 companies displaying. This will make it the largest show in history.

“With the largest show floor in history, more innovative technologies and services will launch at the 2013 CES than anywhere else in the world,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CEA. “From cloud-based services, advancements in digital health, connected vehicle technologies, the latest apps, flexible devices and beyond, the innovations unveiled at the 2013 CES will create new jobs and further economic growth around the world.”

How large is CES?

It’s 1.87 million square feet (173729 meters or 42 acres).  What is 1.87 million square feet compare to?

  • Retail shops in Downtown Austin, TX (6.3 million square feet total)
  • A football field is 58,000 Square feet. That is over 32 football fields long
  • Facebook’s Data Centers are around 300,000 square feet. CES would engulf 6 Data Centers

The Zones of CES

Many new zones have been added and cultivated throughout the years including the iLounge pavilion, Eureka park, digital health and fitness tech zone and many more.

Congrats to CES for being the largest floor show. I know I will be walking a good deal of that 1.87 million square feet Jan 8-11th.