Booking Appointments for CES Now!

It’s time to get your CES 2013 Interview applications in, we have started booking companies for our Live Broadcast and our Floor Interviews.

Update: Tuesday & Wednesday are 100% Booked select spots remain Thursday and Friday during prime time broadcast hours.. Do not delay!

Live Broadcast Application
Sponsorship Opportunities

Last year we had over 700 companies apply for 300+ Interview slots. Please be sure to fill the forms out completely.

Our Live Broadcast Studio located just outside North Hall book very quickly. We have roughly 120 total live interview spots for the entire show. It is essential if you want to appear in front of our 100,000+ live viewers, that you book early. Average viewers watched 14 hours of our coverage in 2012.

Note: If you would like a Floor Interview, our three floor teams have a set coverage schedule, and we will do our best to get by your booth, please keep an eye out for our floor teams wearing the Blue Tech Podcast Shirts as we progress through the halls. Floor Interview Application

Appearance Disclaimer: It costs nothing to appear either live or with our floor teams, there is never a charge for an interview.