E3 2012 – Microsoft Recap – Third Parties 2

E3 Xbox 360Crystal showed off a new Tomb Raider that lives up to the expectations that fans have of the game. Most notably, the transition between cinematic and game play is very smooth and keeps the action going. Lara Croft also keeps getting hotter so maybe they will bundle it with some new underwear upon release.

A few world premiers that came next were Ascend: New Gods which might make you say “God of War who?”, Lococycle and Matter which appears to be some crazy awesome Portal like game with marbles. All these are coming out sometime 2013.

Resident Evil 6 was more of the same old thing we’ve come to expect. The game play looked a little choppy but it’s still the quintessential zombie killer game.

The award for Goofiest game of the Keynote goes to Wreckateer which is a fun E for everyone Kinect game where you use your body to guide projectiles into castles and blow them into non-existence. Remember, the family that slays together, stays together. Dance Central 3 had a big showing with Usher giving a live performance but we didn’t see a lot of the actual game. I get the feeling that if you’ve played it before, you’ve played this one as well. Another goof game but for completely different reasons was South Park: The Stick of Truth which puts you in an episode of the TV show by South Parkifying your avatar. It is also an obvious Lord of the Rings parody so if you like South Park you’ll like this, too.

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