Mavia: Diagnostic System for Older Cars

These days everyone is dreaming of high-tech cars, but not everyone wants to buy, or can afford, a new car.  Mavia is a new car interface that plugs into the diagnostic port of your existing car (1996 or newer) and brings most of that modern technology along with it.  It can geo-locate your car and there’s an app for your smartphone to control everything.

Mavia can not only diagnose or warn you of some car problems, but it can also connect with services like Facebook and FourSquare and alert you when you are in the area of one of your friends.  It can be set to let you know when you are near a location that sells something on your shopping list,  It can even notify you when your teen driver leaves a certain range, or just where they are period.

Mavia runs on the cellular network, but there is no monthly fee because it is subsidized by advertising.  The product is still currently in Beta and there’s no price point as of yet.  You can check it out at Mavizon.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine.