Guardian Trace for Your iOS Device

Guardian means security, but a new company called Baytan labs is taking that security into the mobile world with the Guardian Trace for iOS devices. It works with your device’s contacts list and can be set up to send easy alerts if you find yourself in a bad situation. A countdown is begun if you fail to deactivate with your PIN and when it reaches 0 an alert is sent to the contact(s) of your choice via both email and text stating that you have failed to check in from whatever event you enabled, such as a jog or date. The alert will also include your last known location.

The app can also be used on an iPod, which, if you are going for a run, is useful, since that is a common device to carry along. The app also has a simple “Send Panic Alert” button so if a situation unexpectedly arises you can quickly send a message for help. The app is currently free, although that will apparently change later when some premium services will become available. It is currently only available for iOS devices and you can find out more by visiting Baytan Labs.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast Network.