Canon – HD For All

CanonBeing avid Canon fans and users ourselves at F5 Live, you could imagine our excitement to see what cool camcorders were in store for us this year at CES. In speaking with Ben Thomas at Canon, we learned that six new Vixia video cameras have made their way to market, in both the M series and R series.

The M series, the higher end of the two model lines, features built-in WiFi, severl new menu enhancements, a new image stabilizer called Intelligent IS and a 20% increased low-light performance than that of its predecessor. New this year to Canon is their driven focus on the ability to share the content you create. Before, it was extremely easy to produce content but getting it to your friends and family could sometimes be a chore. With Canon now moving to native mp4 support on top of its AVCHD file format, users can now get those files onto the web fast. Helping that cause is their new app called Movie Uploader, which is currently available on the computer and Apple devices. By using the app (or plugging it straight into the computer and hopping onto Canon’s site), you can share and upload any video you’d like to Facebook, YouTube or as an attachment in no time.

For the R series, these entry level models now pack a punch as they too include built-in WiFi. However, here’s where consumers looking for a new camera need to pull the trigger. These little guys have a 32x optical zoom and still have the Intelligent IS so you can zoom to your heart’s content. Oh, and it also has a mic jack, headphone jack and is DLNA capable. Add that to a pricepoint of $349-$549 and you have a Canon camera that become your best friend forever.

Interview by Nicholas DiMeo of F5 Live for the TechPodcast Network.

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