Sennheiser – High Quality Headphones

SennheiserWe couldn’t go to CES this year and not catch up with our pals from Sennheiser and talk to our good friend Eric Palonen for another session of what’s happening in the audio world. Eric, although not decked out in the Adidas gear this year, talked with us about three products that were unveiled this year.

Starting with the product that was being slowly uncovered on Facebook in the month leading to CES, the audiophile in all of us let out a cheer when Sennheiser announced their HD 700. They are bringing a brand new sound to you by having the sound hit your ears at an angle, which provides a wider sound stage. By adding a noise-dampening frame across the entire headphone, they are able to bring pure, natural noise to your ears like never before. The HD 700 is perfect for the mastering engineer or the person who wants audio playback that is actually a representation of what was recorded without bass or mid-range enhancements.

We then got to see the HD 800, which looks like something out of Tron but with every design element being functional and purposeful. The 56mm transducer is the largest in a production headphone, is placed inside a larger, yet thinner earcup. The thinness does not mean the set is uncomfortable, though, as the headphones come with two sets of swivel points and microfiber cushions. These are perfect for the audiophile who has $1,500 to spend on a set.

On the more affordable side, for $350 Sennheiser has the Imperior series, based off the HD 25. The Imperior is made for the portable audio market, in that it enhances the music the best way with the loudest output without the need for a battery. It comes with an Apple in-line remote and mic adapter but is still made to work on any smartphone and MP3 player with a standard 1/8″ terminal.

All in all, good stuff out of Sennheiser this year and we’re excited to see them making headphones for all types of people and price ranges.

Interview by Nicholas DiMeo of F5 Live for the TechPodcast Network.