Breffo: Spidey’s Mobile Secret

The “AnyWhere” Mounting System

Breffo returns with a new improved version of the 2011 CES Innovation Award winning “SpiderPodium” mounting system for mobile devices that looks like a nightmare sized spider. In real life, it’s a practical and novel way to attached tablet or smartphone to almost any structure – vertical, horizontal or in between.

With a one year warranty, tested to 100 flex cycles or more, the Breffo offers the flexibility to attach your device to bike handlebars, treadmills, camera tripods, tree branches or anything the spider limbs can wind around.

Interview by Andy McCaskey and Courtney Wallin of SDRNews for the TechPodcast Network.


One thought on “Breffo: Spidey’s Mobile Secret

  1. Saw these in a magazine recently and they looked very interesting. Seeing this now, I think I’ll be getting some for my iPad and phone. Very cool!

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