Speakers in Your Cloths by VeriSonik

VeriSonik Speakers in your clothes, at first I thought why would anybody want to have speakers in their clothes, but the more I thought about the more I liked the idea. Ok, maybe we should step back for a minute, what are we talking about. We are talking about Electret-electrostatic Flexible Loudspeakers (EFL) from VeriSonik. These are super thin speakers, about the same thinnest as a very thin piece of cardboard only flexible. Unlike regular speaker that have large cones, these speakers create sound by the use of positively charged membranes. They use only 10 percent of the power of normal speakers. The sound isn’t great, it is like the sound you get from a pair of modestly priced headphones, but it’s ok.

VeriSonik sells the speakers to end customers. The end customer comes to VeriSonik and tells them how they want to use the speakers. VeraSonik then integrates the Electret speakers into the end customer’s design. I could see these speakers being placed in many things, including pillows, backpacks, stuffed animals, backs of chairs just to name a few. VeriSonik is based in Taipei, Taiwan and has been around since 2010. Electret-electrostatic Flexible Speakers were developed by Taiwan electrets electronics corporation(TEEC). Have you ever heard these speakers, what did you think of the sound.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central