CES 2012 Update

The Tech Podcast Network is ramping up for for CES 2012. Our content from 2011 continues to rack up amazing statistics. We really blew the doors off things in 2011 and I want to share with you some of our statistics.

Simulcast on 23 Sites
45 Hours of Live
901,000 Viewer Hours
271 Interviews  Live/Floor
Total 2011 Unique IP’s 8,315,110
Total 2011 Media Views to date : 40,201,856
Total Roku Views 6,007,408
Total Boxee Views 1,691,881
Vendor Cross Posts on their Websites 171
PR Firm Cross Mentions 255
Tweets and Facebook Mentions 144,610
Cross Posts on other website 911
Most Views Single Video – 1,612,402
MSNBC Appearance x2 Show #1 512,614 Show #2 377,911 Views

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See you at CES!

One thought on “CES 2012 Update

  1. I’ll try to be watching, especially since I THINK the company I work for, Radio Design Labs (RDL) is going to be there. See if you can get some interviews with our staff (let Andy “HHH” Smith do it).

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