Yale Real Living Lock System

Yale Locks

Todd spoke to Jason Williams from Yale Locks about their newest locks called Yale Real Living. They are introducing two models, a less expensive keypad model and a acrylic touchscreen model. The touchscreen model is activated by swiping your hand across the screen, Then you input your code and your information is sent to the Control4 system. Based on how the system is setup for your code; you could have the lights come on, turn your TV on, wakeup your computer or anything else that is integrated into the system. Each person can have their own code and can set the system the way they want. You can program it for up to 250 users.

It can be used for both internal and external doors. Jason Williams indicated the system can send you text messages or an email from pre-programmed alerts if you want. You can set it to remotely lock and unlock doors from any web-enabled device. Even program user access by date and time. It is highly customizable and very secure.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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