iMovee Pioneers Mobile Media “TeleFusion” in ATSC-MH Mobile App

Combine broadcast TV, Streaming TV/IPTV/VOD and Social Media Networks and you have a potent commercial product mix for any consumer interested in video entertainment. Package this into the $150 MSRP terminal Mobeo device that generate a wifi cloud that almost any mobile device can access – smartphone, iPad or Tablet. Ios, Android, or Windows 7.

Now stir in active chat with other viewers, Twitter and Facebook and move the entire environment down the road at freeway speeds, with range dictated by the antenna coverage pattern of a local over the air digital television broadcaster, hundreds of square miles.

You’ll quickly get the idea that iMovee was one of the most mind-blowing Over the Top video products that we found at CES2011 !  In some markets, up to 20 channels are available as a service by local broadcasters.  This will be a major exhibit at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) in April. 2011.

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