Outlier Introduces Swagg.com & Android And iPhone Apps

Outlier Inc. announced a new website, Swagg.com. It’s also available as an Android and iPhone app. It’s based on market research done by Outlier with a goal of making the shopping experience more convenient. It allows shoppers to give a gift card in a unique manner – with a bow that unwraps (virtually speaking) and soon can include a personalized picture or video. If you aren’t sure which gift card to get for that certain someone then you can even send a Swagg gift card which the recipient can exchange for one to their merchant of choice.

The apps and website also allow shopper to receive offers, but only for the types of categories or location they are interested in – the location offer is similar to Groupon. In addition the mobile apps will enable consumers to carry virtual versions of gift cards, reward cards, and the like so that you always have them with you when you’re on the go. It will even tell your your remaining balance on a gift card – no more writing it on the back with a Sharpie as I have been doing.

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