Combine Touch, Swipe, Button Technology in Cars: Visteon


Dashboards have changed. Gone are the days of push buttons, sliders and dials. Or are they really gone?

While at CES, we found Visteon – a company that researches how we do things like control our cars from the dash. They know that not everyone wants a touchscreen in their car. They want that tangible button to push or the dial to turn.

However, Visteon has gone one step further.

With strides they have made panels without buttons. However, when you slide the slider or push the button, you get a touch response. That way you have a button that is not really a button.

Visteon also works to make three technologies work in harmony. Buttons, touchscreen and swipe technology combined can give a driver a distract-less environment. They can then keep their eyes on the road.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine

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