TPN Interviews on the CES2011 Show Floor

New Exhibitor ? Here’s How to Get an Interview at Your Booth

It’s not hard to get the attention of the TPN CES Team and get a great interview. It’s Marketing 101 in practice – but with hundreds of booths on a single pass, our two field interview teams are still mighty busy. Here’s a short video with some tips and info on what we are looking for as we fight our way through tens of thousands of people each day.

Good signage is a great start – explaining what consumer needs your product and why. You have about fifteen seconds to grab us – and recognize that even at fifteen seconds per booth, it can still take us at least an hour to walk one aisle, scouting for interesting products and services.

Good problem statements, product features and benefits , and a clear and concise story helps a great deal.

Above all – smile ! Have some fun, and recognize that your enthusiasm for the product is what really makes a good interview.