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By Kirk Corless and Scott Ertz


TPN @ CES 2023 Preview #115

December 16, 2022

This week, as this is our last episode of the year, the team from the Tech Podcast Network is coming on the show for a special episode of GNC Week In Review, as we will have a preview of CES 2023. We will look back at previous CESs, a look ahead to CES 2023, our favorites and our not-so-favorites from years past, and a preview of the TPN’s coverage of CES 2023.

On the episode, we will have on-air talent from Marlo Anderson, host of The Tech Ranch and the National Day Calendar, and crew members, including Michele Mendez from PlughitzLive and Don Baine, The Gadget Professor, that will join Scott and Kirk this episode.

The Live Stream Video for CES 2023 starts at 9 AM PST/12 PM EST on January 5-8, 2023, and that can be found at

TPN @ CES 2023 is also partnering with National Day Calendar to celebrate National Technology Day on January 6th!

As this is our final episode of the year, Scott and Kirk would like to thank all of our listeners and viewers of the podcast, not to mention; thank you to all who have voted for us in the Technolgy podcast as nominees in the Podcast Awards.

Scott and Kirk will be back with a new episode after CES in 2023 on January 13th!

Till then, we wish you all the happiest of holidays and a Happy 2023!




Elon is cutting Twitter jobs #112

October 23, 2022

This week, Elon is planning to cut jobs, Ye plans on buying Parler, and a 1st generation iPhone is sold for more than $39,000

And this is the last of three special episodes as we have teamed up with F5 Refreshing Technology; we will have unique content from their podcast in each episode, including F5 Refreshing Technology co-host Avram Piltch and his segment, the Piltch Point. Avram will be talking about Intel’s/AMD’s new lineup of chips.

Show Notes:

Elon plans to cut jobs Kanye West to acquire Parler An iPhone is sold at auction for over $39,000 Money for your poop

From F5 Refreshing Technology

**Nifty Gifties**

The global smartphone market fell

**Piltch Point**

**Extra Life**

Silent Hill series

**News from the Tubes**

Starlink Internet on jets 

**DRM Not Included**

Netflix to charge for shared accounts



Burnt Hair? Really? #111

October 16, 2022

This week, Elon Musk is selling perfume, Netflix is setting up shop in NJ, and Apple is reportedly withholding benefits from union workers.

Also, this is the second of three special episodes as we are teaming up with F5 Refreshing Technology again. We will have unique content from their podcast in each episode, including F5 Refreshing Technologies co-host Avram Piltch and his segment, the Piltch Point. He’ll talk about PC builds and what is the best bang for your buck.

Show Notes:

“Burnt Hair” Netflix to build a studio in NJ Apple reportedly withholding benefits  L’Eggo, My Egg Nog

From F5 Refreshing Technology:

**Nifty Gifties**

Surface Pro X

Surface Studio 2

Surface Laptop 5

**Piltch Point**

**Extra Life**

The Final Fantasy series shuts down

**News from the Tubes**

Amazon’s prototype internet satellites 

**DRM Not Included**

Netflix with ads



Yes, No, Maybe? #110

October 09, 2022

This week, Elon does an about-face, Tim Cook facetimes with the Pope, and Kim Kardashian is faced with a fine.

Also, this is one of three special episodes as we are teaming up with F5 Refreshing Technology where we will have special content from their podcast in each of the episodes including F5 Refreshing Technolgys co-host Avram Piltch and his segment the Piltch Point and he takes an early deep dive on the upcoming Amazon Prime Day Early Access this week.

Show Notes:

Elon Musk wants to buy Twitter Tim Cook meets with the Pope Kim Kardashian settles with the SEC Folding smartphone’s market share

From F5 Refreshing Technology

**Nifty Gifties**

CES could attract 100,000 people

**Piltch Point**

Amazon Prime Early Access

**Extra Life**

Randy Orton wins a case

**News from the Tubes**

Ransomware Attack

*DRM Not Included

YouTube is some users to purchase Premium to watch 4K



BattleBots: The Twitter Edition #106

August 14, 2022

This week, Elon Musk wants to have a debate about bots, Amazon buys iRobot for billions, and a mom is suing Facebook.

Also, this week, Avram Pilch, co-host of F5 Refreshing Technology, joined us, but due to technical issues, he could not stay on the podcast. We will definitely have him back on a future episode.

And our podcast is a People’s Choice Podcast Award nominee in the This Week In Tech Technology category,  Kirk and Scott would like to thank all of our listeners and viewers for voting for us!

Also huge thank you to Geek News Central and its host Todd Cochrane for allowing us to be a partner show on the homepage of

So please be sure to keep your fingers crossed to find out if we won the award. We won’t know who will win till next month, so be sure to keep an eye out on our social media feeds, and we will keep you all posted if we get the win!

So again, thank you all for your support by listening to or watching the weekly episode on YouTube, and if you are not already subscribed to the podcast, we can be found on your favorite podcast even better, be sure to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel, which can be found under GNC Week In Review.


Show Notes:

Elon Musk challenges Twitter CEO to a debate Amazon to acquire iRobot A mom is suing Facebook AT&T’s $14 million settlement Apple’s next iPhone might be expensive  The Right Stuff Walmart may bundle with a streaming service  You can get paid $1,000 to taste and rate Trader Joe’s foods


What happened to Netflix? #104

April 22, 2022

This week,  Tesla is doing well, Netflix is not doing so well and after a month of streaming on-air, CNN+ is shutting down.

Show Notes:

Tesla Q1 Netflix reported a loss of subscribers  CNN+ is shutting down HBO Max Q1 Apple Store workers in Atlanta file for a union election The global smartphone market in Q1 Amazon hit with more lawsuits Sony plans to put ads in games Disney+ glitch Electric chopsticks

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Elon, what you are doing?? #103

April 08, 2022

This week on this special episode, Elon Musk buys into Twitter, Comcast wants a man to pay $19,000 and the State Department is adding a new bureau… we welcome a special guest… Shannon Morse to the podcast!

Also to celebrate having her on the podcast, we are going to have a supersized giveaway with some prizes! Details on this episode, so please be sure to take a listen!

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Show Notes:

Elon Musk owns 9.2% of Twitter Comcast wants a man to pay $19,000 State Department’s new bureau Mailchimp breach Star Trek NFT Activision Blizzard gives QA testers full-time jobs and a pay raise Amazon is planning to appeal Staten Island’s victory RoboBurger


Our 100th Episode! #100

January 22, 2022

This week,  Microsoft buys Activision for billons, Apple balloons its market share in the smartphone market and the CEO of Airbnb is living in Airbnb plus we’ll recap on all that went down from CES 2022

Show Notes:

Microsoft buys Blizzard Apple retakes top spot in Q4 2021 CEO of Airbnb will live on the platform Apple’s rumored mixed reality headset could be priced over $2,000 Pichai and Zuckerberg personally oversaw an illegal deal Democrats unveil bill to ban online “surveillance advertising” Amazon is being sued Galaxy S22 Ultra Cracker Barrel ordered to pay $9.4 million to a customer in a lawsuit

I wanted to give a big thank you to Todd Cochrane for allowing me to have my own podcast and to be a part of the Tech Podcast Network as well as a partner with Geek News Central where this podcast is modeled from.

Also, I want to give a big thanks to Scott for coming on the podcast as my co-host where he brings a lot to the table by dissecting the tech news with me and having a lot of fun on the episodes and I cannot imagine having a podcast without him. And lastly, I along with Scott wanted to say thank you to all of the viewers and subscribers to the podcast, without all of you, this podcast would not have happened.


To celebrate our 100th episode, we are going to have a giveaway where we are going to select 2 winners to get some cool swag also some TPN merch, to enter head over here


CES 2022 Preview #099

December 19, 2021

This week is a special GNC Week In Review as we are going to give a special early preview of our live coverage of CES 2022 from Las Vegas!  And this is our last episode for the year, Chris Jordan from the Talking Sounds Podcast is our guest and he’ll join us on this special episode discussing past CES’s and what we will see at CES 2022

As we are less than 2 weeks away from CES 2022 and GNC Week In Review along with the Tech Podcasts Network will be heading to Las Vegas for live coverage of CES 2022, covering all of the action of the latest tech and what better way to support the Tech Podcasts Network by scoring some merch, you will support us and you can get some cool stuff! It’s a win-win! So check it out here to this link.

Also be sure to follow along on the GNC Week In Review YouTube channel with behind the scenes of CES 2022 from the studio, the show floor, and more.

Scott and Kirk will be back on January 14th, 2022 with episode 100 and there will be a lot of changes that you will all see from a new logo, intro music, and a lot more. As always big thank you all to all of the listeners and viewers of the podcast this past year and we all hope that you all stay on the ride as bigger and better things come.

We hope you all have a great holiday season and a happy and healthy 2022!





Finally, everyone will have broadband?! #097

November 14, 2021

This week,  Google was valued almost at $2 trillion dollars, Congress approves a broadband plan for billions and MoviePass is making a comeback? - Show Notes: Google briefly hit a market cap of $2 tr


New MacBook’s, new Pixels and more oh my! #096

October 24, 2021

This week, Apple unleashes its MacBook’s, Google shows off its new Pixels and Facebook possibly is changing their name - Show Notes: Apple's Unleashed Event Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro


Reddit, really? You are valued over $10 billion? #094

August 13, 2021

This week, Samsung is flipping and folding again, Amazon is paying customers and Reddit is valued at over $10 billion dollars - Show Notes: Samsung Unpacked Amazon to pay customers Reddit is now


What in the hell is wrong with these people? #093

August 06, 2021

This week,  Google is going Pro, Zoom is going to settle and Amazon is selling a smart soap dispenser. - Show Notes: Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro Zoom settles lawsuit over "Zoombombing" Amazon'


$100,000 for a TV or a house? #092

July 16, 2021

This week, Facebook wants to give money to creators, do you want to spend money for a rollable tv?  and Clippy is back! Facebook will be making payments to creators LG OLED rollable tv Microsoft'


Something is coming from “Nothing” #091

July 11, 2021

This week, Andy Jassey steps up as the new Amazon CEO,  if you are looking into a new job TikTok may have a solution for you, and there is something that is coming this month from "Nothing" - Show Not


Jeff says fly me to the moon #090

June 11, 2021

This week, Jeff Bezos is flying to the moon, Bitcoin lands in El Salvador as legal tender, and Facebook will have its own smartwatch - Show Notes: Jeff Bezos and his brother is flying to the moon Bitcoin in El Salvador


What is N-Plus? #089

May 07, 2021

This week, NetFlix adds a plus,  Uber’s pleased with a minus and Apple is working on a foldable iPhone? - Show Notes: Uber Q1 Apple reportedly working on a foldable iPhone Chromebook shipments soared 275% in Q1


CES returns to Vegas #088

April 30, 2021

This week, Samsung unpacks again with products, Apple breaks records again in its earnings, and yes returns in Las Vegas - Show Notes: Samsung's Galaxy Book range Apple Q2 CES returns to Las Vegas Alphabet Q1


Apple springs in action #087

April 23, 2021

This week,  Apple springs into action, global smartphone sales rise and Twitter will allow you to upload and view photos in 4K - Show Notes Apple's Spring Loaded event Twitter images in 4K FCC robocall mitigation database


No! No! And Oh no! #086

April 09, 2021

This week, LG is no longer in the smartphone market, you can no longer get an answer from Yahoo, and oh no 500 million Facebook users data leaked online - Show Notes: LG calls it quits Yahoo Answers shuts down next month


A Pet Rock for 2021 #085

March 26, 2021

This week, a tweet sold for millions, Comcast is investing in billions and you can pay in bitcoin for a Tesla - Show Notes: Jack Dorsey's tweet sold for $2.5 million dollars Comcast to invest $1 billion over the next decade


Amazon wants to take care of you #084

March 19, 2021

This week,  Amazon wants to take care of you, the FCC fines 2 telemarketers for millions, and instead of a face id, a thumbprint, or entering a pin you might able to wink at your phone to unlock it. Amazon Care


You can’t have Fry’s with that #083

February 26, 2021

This week, you can no longer have Fry's with that electronics order, GameStop's stock price goes up again, and no it doesn't have to do with Robinhood and Best Buy lays off 5,000 employees - Show Notes: Fry's closing its doors


Roaring Kitty getting sued #082

February 19, 2021

This week, Roaring Kitty is getting sued, Google is paying News Corp and Amazon wants you to build it - Show Notes: Roaring Kitty is getting sued Google will pay News Corp outlets for using their content Amazon's Build It


Jeff Bezos steps down #081

February 05, 2021

This week Jeff Bezos steps down, RobinHood steps up and Google pays up - Show Notes: Jeff Bezos steps down from Amazon Robinhood's Super Bowl ad Google will pay $3.8 million to settle discrimination accusations 


What’s new at CES 2021? #80

January 08, 2021

This week, T-Mobile adds millions of customers, Apple’s App Store made billions, and an early preview of what’s coming to CES 2021 - Show Notes: T-Mobile adds 5.6 million customers Apple announces record App Store spending Samsung C-Lab


So long 2020! Hello 2021! #079

December 18, 2020

This week, Gmail goes down, Google Max goes away and HBO Max arrives on Roku - Show Notes: Google had outages Google is retiring the Google Home Max HBO Max on Roku FTC orders Amazon, Facebook, and others how they collect data


Wait?! The Apple AirPods cost how much?! #078

December 11, 2020

This week, Apple announced its AirPods Max and you would not believe what it will cost you, HBO Max saw a huge increase in subscribers, and Airbnb's IPO shares more than doubled - Show Notes: Apple AirPods Max HBO Max hits 12.


Apple fined for millions #077

December 04, 2020

This week, Apple fined 12 million dollars by Italy, Amazon is having a record-breaking sales season and PC sales are growing - Show Notes: Apple fined $12 million by Italy Amazon's "biggest holiday season"


Apple’s One More Thing #075

November 06, 2020

This week, Apple has one more thing, T-Mobile has to pay 300 million dollars to the FCC and Walmart has dropped their robots - Show Notes: Apple's "One More Thing" iPhone 13 T-Mobile to pay $200 million


RIP Quibi #074

October 23, 2020

This week, Quibi shuts down, Verizon Q3 earnings go up, and Paypal brings in cryptocurrency Quibi shuts down Verizon Q3 Paypal allows cryptocurrency PS5 will come with streaming services Xbox's Phil Spencer hints at an xCloud streaming...


Breaches in your britches #073

October 09, 2020

This week, Apple has the need for speed, AT&T has DirecTV might be set up for a fire sale and also announcing layoffs and Gmail has changed its logo - Show Notes: Apple's "Hi, Speed" Event Apple is starting to ship devices from its stores


Google Pixel 5 and more #072

October 02, 2020

This week, Google launches the Pixel 5 and more but wait the DOJ is suing them, Amazon says you can pay with your palm and the LG Winds lands on Verizon for $1,000 - Show Notes: Google Pixel 5 The new Google TV Google Nest Audio U.


Apple launches iPad Air, Apple Watch and more #071

September 18, 2020

This week, Apple launched devices and products, Amazon Music is launching podcasts and if you have an AT&T phone, would you be interested in ads for a $5.00 discount? - Show Notes: Apple new iPad Air Apple Watch SE Apple Fitness+


Xbox Series X and S launches #070

September 11, 2020

This week, Xbox Series X and S launches also possibly V?,  Motorola unveils a new 5G Razr and Verizon unveils a 5G hotspot and it can be yours for $400.00. - Show Notes: Microsoft Xbox Series S Microsoft Xbox Series X


LG’s new swivel phone #069

September 04, 2020

This week, LG teases a new phone, Apple will be releasing 4 iPhones and Samsung makes announcements at IFA. - Show Notes: LG teases new phone Samsung at IFA Apple's Fall Event Amazon looks to add 10,000 jobs in Bellevue Washington


Get ready to order your Sony PS5…..or not #068

August 28, 2020

This week, Sony invites you to get a PS5 then again you might not get one, there are some people that are going back to school might not be able to get a laptop and while the US might get average 5G download speeds,


Apple now worth 2 trillion dollars! #067

August 21, 2020

This week,  Apple is now worth 2 trillion dollars, 3 billion people are gamers and who wants a new Crackberry ….(**ahem**)...Blackberry? Show Notes: Apple worth 2 trillion dollars 3 Billon people worldwide are gamers


California might shut down Uber #066

August 14, 2020

This week, California might shut down Uber, Motorola will hold an event in September and the Xbox Series X launches in November - Show Notes: Uber warns of temporarily shutting down in California Motorola will might hold an event in September...