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By Joern "Joe" Menninger


Questlog mastered individualized mass production

October 22, 2020

In media partnership with CONTENTshift


doks. innovation enables indoor drone flights for next level digital logistics

October 15, 2020

In cooperation with invest-in-hessen


Emporion Innovations helps startups and corporates with anonymized testing of product ideas

October 12, 2020

Columbus Day Special - Sponsored Content


DueDash wants to help startups become investable and network with potential investors

October 08, 2020

The social network is based in Cologne


SleevesUp! Sees a bright future as coworking space in tier 2 and tier 3 cities

October 01, 2020

A different business model for co-working


This Month in German Startups - Summer 2020 (July, August, September)

September 24, 2020

We are back from the summer break


Cyreen provides consumer brands with brick and mortar analytics

September 18, 2020

Interview in our series with Invest in Hessen


Follow-Up with the Bloomberg of Crypto – CoinAnalyst

September 14, 2020

Follow-up of our 2018 interview


Legal Tech AI Startup NAIX redacts Contracts with AI for Companies in M&A Transactions

September 10, 2020

Frankfurt Forward's Startup of the Month September 2020


The German Bill to Permit Crypto Securities

September 07, 2020

Expert interview on upcoming changes in capital markets


Looking for a Graffiti Décor in your office? “Book A Street Artist” may know someone

September 04, 2020

We talk to Artpreneur Mario Rudea


NGRAVE offers the most secure end-to-end solution in the world for managing digital assets

August 28, 2020

Like Cryptocurrencies


Meet Wingcopter – The startup that develops drones for UPS

August 18, 2020

Frankfurt Forward's Startup of the Month - August 2020


Hawa Dawa is an environment intelligence company – Originally founded to help asthma patients

August 11, 2020

This is part of our coverage of Munich-based startups


DATAbility enables airlines to safe money with digital twins

July 21, 2020

Frankfurt Forward Startup of the Month July 2020


Biweekly publication in summer break

July 14, 2020

Enjoy your summer - back to weekly in September


Quoscient helps to analyze, investigate and respond to cyber-threats

July 07, 2020

Interview in our series with


This Month in German Startups - June 2020

June 30, 2020

Last monthly news warp-up before the summer break


News Wrap-up developing Wirecard story

June 25, 2020

How the Wirecard story developed


Energy Robots provides Software for semi-autonomous Robots

June 23, 2020

The Darmstadt-based startup offers software to make robots operate autonomously


Ginmon provides automated and personal online wealth management

June 16, 2020

Ginmon is Frankfurt Forward's Startup of the Month June 2020


Airive wants to change how Companies buy Mobility Services

June 09, 2020

Airive offers analytics services and a purchase platform where corporates can ask for bids


This Month in German Startups - May 2020

June 01, 2020

Transatlantic news recording with Chris and Joe


Learn from an Indian-born entrepreneur, who raised 35 mn Euros Venture Capital in Germany (2/2)

May 26, 2020

This is part two of our interview with Gunjan


IDA Pivoted during Coronavirus to a more diversified strategy

May 19, 2020

IDA is Frankfurt Forwards "Startup of the Month May 2020"


Quantgene can detect early-stage cancer in a single draw of blood

May 12, 2020

Meet German-born biotech entrepreneur Johannes “Jo” Bhakdi


Mainstage Incubator helps to build World-Changing Startups right in the heart of Europe

May 07, 2020

Mainstage Incubator helps startups to conquer Europe


This Month in German Startups - April 2020

May 05, 2020

Startup News of April for the German-speaking area


Cansativa imports medical cannabis for Germany

April 28, 2020

Cansativa is Frankfurt Forwards the Startup of the Month April 2020


Meet Innoplexus the startup which fights ALL diseases

April 21, 2020

This is Part 1 of our interview with Gunjan


Sono Motors Raised Money with "ONE Starter" and the tool is now free

April 15, 2020

This interview is part of our ongoing Covid19 coverage


How to test web applications for security loopholes

April 11, 2020

The startup has a Software as a Service security tester.


How to lure corporate talent to a startup?

April 07, 2020

Interview with Head Hunter Wiliam Laitinen


This Month in German Startups - Covid19 Flash - Changes to Insolvencis in Germany

March 27, 2020

Changes to Insolvencis in Germany


Acomodeo helps companies to find serviced apartments worldwide

March 24, 2020

This is a video interview from our podcast Tech Startups Germany.


This Month in German Startups - Corona Flash - March 19th 2020

March 19, 2020

We will keep you updated on the developing Covid19 story and its impact on the German startup scene

Download makes open source security easy

March 17, 2020

Codario is Frankfurt Forward's Startup of the Month March 2020


Ophigo wants to be the Airbnb of office space

March 10, 2020

Joe is talking to Valerio, co-founder and CEO of Frankfurt-based proptech startup Ophigo


Pythia forecasts the next trend in consumer products

March 04, 2020

Interview with 28 year old serial entrepreneur Peter


This Month in German Startups - February 2020

March 03, 2020

Regular Startup News by


TEC4MED works on the next generation smart logistics

February 25, 2020

Startup of the Month February 2020 by Frankfurt Forward


Three Interviews from Graduation Ceremony of Founder Institute Frankfurt

February 18, 2020

This is the first interview for all three startup ideas. The founders just graduated in the first batch of the Frankfurt Chapter of the Founder Institute.


The fintech CrowdDesk offers Funding-As-A-Service

February 10, 2020

This interview is in media cooperation with Frankfurt Forward


This Month in German Startups - January 2020

February 04, 2020

The first news wrap-up of 2020


The proptech THING TECHNOLOGIES is a technology platform for buildings

January 28, 2020

We talk to serial entrepreneur Marc Gille, who started THING


Xelera Technologies helps with their software to accelerate applications like machine learning

January 21, 2020

The startup codes FPGA software to accelerate cloud servers