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Valve’s Deadlock Springs A Leak

May 19, 2024

Valve's next game, Deadlock, springs a leak! PSN requirements prevent Ghost of Tsushima from being Steam Deck certified, Minecraft headed to Steam, and VR adoption is higher than expected?


Zelda64Recomp Brings Majora’s Mask To Linux

May 12, 2024

Collabora turbocharges Steam Deck updates. Humble has a Metroidvania Bundle. Custom Battlefield 4 servers are back with Warsow.


Vanguard Breaks More Than Linux Support LOL

May 05, 2024

GeForce NOW adds improved support on Steam Deck, Nintendo nukes 8,535 YUZU forks, Dr. Robotniks Ring Racers releases after five years in development, Helldivers 2 review-bombing, and Van


Nintendo DMCAs 20 Years Of Garry’s MODs

April 28, 2024

Valve closes the Advanced Access refund loophole, Notebook Check says ProtonDB sucks, Nintendo goes all DMCA on Garry's Mod, open-source Fallout 1, and Proton Experimental hides your cores.


Toss The Source To Your Witcher

April 21, 2024

Descent 3 goes open-source, Nvidia hires lead Nouveau developer, Team Fortress 2 gets a Vulkan button, 7 Days To Die exits Early Access, Witcher 3 source code leaks, and $300 chocolates from Valve.


Will Steam Embrace The Dark Side?

April 08, 2024

Them's Fightin' Herds calls it quits, Gaming with the Intel Arc A310 on Linux, Hatsune Miku invades NecroDancer, Ross Scott wants publishers to stop killing games, and will Steam ever embrace the dark


The End Of Exclusives & Battlemage GPUs Confirmed!

March 31, 2024

Exclusive deals are drying up for indie developers, Phil says "yes" to third-party stores on Xbox, Intel Battlemage spotted in the wild, and SDL3 vs. Wayland.


There’s Always Room 4 Steam Family

March 24, 2024

Steam Families gets a HUGE upgrade! Playtron is a new Linux-based OS for handheld gaming devices. Rusty NVIDIA drivers from RedHat


NVIDIA Flexes On Linux

March 17, 2024

Hot reflex action comes to Linux! Steam has a Springy sale, OBS gets a PipeWire-powered camera, Suyu Switches up emulation


AMD Cracks Down On FreeSync

March 11, 2024

Steam Decks receive a horizon button! AMD cracks down on FreeSync certification, Linux reaches 4% desktop market share


Nintendo Sues Yuzu and Roblox Bans Linux

March 03, 2024

Nintendo gonna sue somebody and this time it's the creators of the open-source Switch emulator, Yuzu! Roblox pulls the plug for Linux gamers


678% Performance Boost For Linux Gaming

February 25, 2024

Steam Audio SDK goes open-source! CodeWeavers' Linux kernel tweaks deliver impressive performance gains, Last Epoch launches on Linux day one, a Godot-powered game launcher


Can We Ditch Yellow Paint in Games?

February 19, 2024

After 5 years of updates, Dead Cells development has ended. Meanwhile, Neverwinter Nights: The Enhanced Edition fixes 20-year-old bugs. A reverse-engineered


Half-Life Mysteries & Disney Deals

February 12, 2024

The first Half-Life 3 leak of 2024 has arrived! Orange Pi unveils a Linux-powered x86 Steam Deck competitor, Disney throws a billion-dollar check at Epic, and our top picks from Steam Next Fest.


Overpriced Hype or Hot Garbage? ‘Fake’ Games on Steam

February 05, 2024

We dive into the murky depths of overpriced "fake games" on Steam, uncover the secrets of open-


Valve ❤️ Skins and NVIDIA Still Confused by Wayland

January 29, 2024

Steam rakes in a BILLION bucks on skins! Black Mesa gets a GoldSrc remake, ULWGL unifies launching Windows games on Linux, and NVIDIA Still Confused by Wayland.


Snipping The Steam Snap

January 22, 2024

Installing Steam isn't a Snap! WINE 9.0 enables 64-bit goodness, Left 4 Dead gets a mysterious security update, experimental Nintendo Switch emulator Ryujinx goes the (expletive deleted)


Valve DMCA Takedowns and AV1 On Twitch!

January 15, 2024

Valve nukes two fan projects, AV1 comes to Twitch, AMD launches the Ryzen 8000G, Unity bans VLC, and a HoloISO powered Steam Deck competitor.


A Fierce Steam Deck Competitor

January 07, 2024

MSI teases a fierce Steam Deck competitor! Portal Revolution gets a day one Linux release, AMD ray tracing performance gains with radv, Steam ends support for Windows 7 & 8, and Daggerfall Unity hits


Best Linux Games Of 2023

December 31, 2023

Valve reveals 2023s biggest Steam Deck games! Slay the Spire MOD distributes malware, open-source DirectX, AAA Linux predictions for 2024, and a Blood & Magic source dump.


A Linux-fueled Steam Year End Review!

December 25, 2023

Our Linux-fueled Steam year end review! Nintendo NSO controllers learn how to Linux, open-source NVIDIA drivers outperform the binary blob, Intel won't commit to a 2024 release date for Battlemage, an


Stop Sniffing Steam Decks!

December 17, 2023

Valve warns against that fresh Deck smell! Twitch reverses their decision about "artistic depictions of nudity.", AMD open-sources FSR 3.0, W4 announces pricing for GODOT console ports, and Tim Swe


Linux Beats Windows 11 At Gaming

December 11, 2023

Linux outperforms Windows 11 in gaming, Skyrim adds official support for Steam Deck, gamemode wants to pin your cores, and Tuxedo launches a Linux gaming laptop.


OLED Steam Decks Sellout and PCSX2 Drops Wayland

December 04, 2023

Popular PS2 emulator PCSX2 drops support for Wayland, Linux continues to outperform OSX, Windows 11 gets shrunk for handhelds, and OLED Decks are huge in japan.


Ubisoft ads pop-up and Steamy Autumn Sales

November 26, 2023

Steam makes finding games with DualShock/Sense support easy! The open-source Vulkan driver for NVIDIA takes a medium step forward, Google wanted to buy Epic Games, and Ubisoft tests in-game pop-up ads


Half-Life 25th Anniversary Update and Scalping Decks

November 19, 2023

The 25th Anniversary Update for Half-Life is crabtastic! ProtonDB adds support for Chrome OS, Xbox cloud gaming on Linux, SDL powered SkiFree, and unlimited Limited Steam Decks.


OLED Steam Decks and 3DMark Heads To LINUX!

November 12, 2023

Valve announces OLED Steam Decks! 3DMark Steel Nomad is headed to Linux, TuxClocker gets support for AMD GPUs, a mysterious Half-Life 1 update, and the worst distribution for Linux gaming.


Game Trainers On Linux and Warhammer 3 Banhammers

November 05, 2023

Total War Warhammer 3 banhammers community members, EA breaks Aphex Legends on Steam Deck, Counter-Strike 2 kills birds, Microsoft knocks knockoffs, and game training on Linux made easy.


Open-Source War Thunder and NVIDIA making CPUs!?

October 30, 2023

Anodyne Remastered drops Adobe Air, Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection nopes on Steam Decks, NVIDIA is working on CPUs, and the engine behind War Thunder goes open-source.


Where The $H*T Is SteamOS?

October 23, 2023

The NVIDIA (beta) driver learns a new trick, AYA has a dual-screen handheld, Baldur's Gate MOD management on Linux, Monster Hunter gets Steam Deck verified, and where the $H*T is SteamOS?


Unity CEO 2.0, Diablo IV Steam Deck Verified, Intel 580 Benchmarks

October 16, 2023

Steam Next Fest picks! Unity gets a Red Hat, Nvidia 4080 Ti targets AI gamers, Diablo IV is Steam Deck certified, and Counter-Strike drops support for macOS.


Steam Deck 2.0, Intel’s 3050 killer, and UNREAL pricing

October 09, 2023

Better Wi-Fi for the Steam Deck, Intel has a 3050 killer, Epic updates Unreal Engine pricing, tips for buying used PC hardware, and how NOT to promote your game on Steam.


Gaming on the Raspberry Pi 5 and Valve bans AI translations

October 02, 2023

EAs new anti-cheat doesn't know how to Linux! Counter-Strike 2 exits the Danger Zone, Valve bans AI translations, gaming on the Raspberry Pi 5


Unity Is Really Sorry and Linux Killed Stadia?

September 24, 2023

Microsoft dreams of buying Valve, Unity offers a heartfelt apology, open-source NVIDIA driver maintainer steps down, gamescope could be headed to OBS, and Linux killed Stadia?


The Unity Scream Of NOPE!

September 18, 2023

Unity announces a revolutionary way to extract revenue from developers! Steam celebrates its birthday with memes, gamescope adds support for Reshade


Steamy Linux Gaming With Ampere ARMs

September 11, 2023

Gaming with Steam on ARM, AMD brings Overdrive to Linux, the Neo Flip goes full-clamshell, ray tracing Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and Wayland is the future of Linux gaming.


Nexus Mods on LINUX and Legacy of Kain decompilation!

September 03, 2023

Steam Link adds support for 4K streaming, NVIDIA runs afoul of kernel maintainers, an official Nexus Mods App for Linux, and porting Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver to the PC.


Linux Game Cast 575: Rollback NES Code

August 28, 2023

Getting Fedora on Deck with Bazzite, raytraced headcrabs with Half-Life 2 RTX, AMD launches the 7800 XT, GPUVis lands in mesa


Steam 4K Remote Play & Lenovo Legion Nintenchucks

August 21, 2023

4K Remote Play comes to Steam! Dwarf Fortress (2022) Linux beta, RIP gaming Chromebooks, Lenovo Legion handheld has chucks...


Refurb Steam Decks Sell-Out and Open-Source Quake 2 Bethmastered

August 13, 2023

Valve runs out of refurbished Steam Decks! Rewriting Wipeout from leaked code, id Software open-sources Quake 2 Bethmastered, and playing Overwatch 2 on Linux with Proton.


Linux Gamers Outnumber Mac – Linux Game Cast 572

August 06, 2023

Linux overtakes Mac on Steam! AMD RX 7800 XT details leak, Lenovo has a Steam Deck competitor, Valve closes their merch shop, and Microsoft begins selling official replacements parts for Xbox controll


Linux Game Cast 571: A Shouty Shirt

July 30, 2023

The open-source Vulkan driver for NVIDIA is (almost) ready! Valve is headed to Gamescom, OpenMW gets a little foggy, and the ESRB wants to scan kids' faces to enforce game ratings.


Linux Game Cast 570: SciFi Moustache Man

July 23, 2023

BattleBit's new anti-cheat supports Linux! Steam Decks with easily replaceable batteries, what really happened between Dolphin EMU and Nintendo, Denuvo doesn't affect performance


Linux Game Cast 569: JordVPN

July 16, 2023

The 50 most-played demos during Steam Next Fest! Why Linux sucks on the desktop, RIP 4060Ti reviews, 3D Civilization in the browser, and the disappearance of classic video games.


Linux Game Cast 568: SteamGPT

July 09, 2023

Valve explains their AI policy, GE Proton adds support for Gears 5, Hollow Knight fan-made DLC, online Amiga gaming done right, 0AD on Risc V, and a PS1 game from 1996 gets a Linux port.


Linux Game Cast 567: Planets ‘n Sh*t

July 03, 2023

BIG updates for the open-source NVIDIA Vulkan driver, GDP releases a Steam Deck competitor with a physical keyboard, System76 announces


Linux Game Cast 566: Street Corner Red Hat

June 26, 2023

Intel nukes the ARC A770 LE, Steam Next Fest picks, SDL2 reaches EOL, new games added to Proton Experimental, and Discord opens a meme store. All this, plus your hate mail!


Linux Game Cast 565: Straight to Minidisc

June 18, 2023

Big improvements for the Steam Desktop client, holograms at home with Tilt Five, a new $299 card from NVIDIA, and in-game ads come to American Truck Simulator.


Linux Game Cast 564: Microwave Sized Horses

June 11, 2023

Intel announces a $175 GPU, Steam adds 30-day price tracking, Payday 2 drops Linux support, playing Hollow Knight on ARM with FEX, and WTH is WDHS?


Linux Game Cast 563: Pay to Pedro

June 04, 2023

Heroic Game Launcher adds Epic DLC, SkateBIRD calls it done, NVIDIA learns to play nice with AMD chipsets, Entropy : Zero 2 gets a Linux build, and gaming on RISC-V with Box64.