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Linux Game Cast 485: Licker of Laptops

December 05, 2021

Fedora launches a live streaming initiative! BattlEye adds support for ARK & Mount & Blade II on Linux, NVIDIA announces the 2060 12GB, Steam is headed to Chromebooks, and Linus attempts to install a


Linux Game Cast 484: Yami Pedro

November 28, 2021

Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II gets an open-source reimplementation! Ubuntu releases a guide for gaming on Linux, Wolfire Games loses their antitrust lawsuit against Valve, and slapping a coat of HD on N


Linux Game Cast 483: TriceraHoff

November 21, 2021

Star Citizen enables EAC for Linux gamers, Steam adds 4K capture with PipeWire, NVIDIA open-sources their Image Scaling SDK, GTA Modders take Take-Two to court, and Streamlabs does a dumb. 


Linux Game Cast 482: The Spocker

November 14, 2021

Steam Decks get delayed by two months, DLSS on Linux with Proton Experimental, SDL goes 3D, setting up OBS, and building a Steam Deck development kit with spare parts. 


Linux Game Cast 481: The Internet Is Stupid

November 07, 2021

Valve announces official support for BattleEye on Proton! Open Morrowind gets a fancy lighting system, Steam Deck virtual conference with AMD, and celebrating 9 years of Steam on Linux. 


Linux Game Cast 480: Fail to the King

October 31, 2021

Linux gamers report more bugs! Proton adds support for CEG DRM, gaming on the Raspberry Pi Zero 2, and 26 blockchain game companies want Steam to unban NFTs.


Linux Game Cast 479: Dual Sock 4

October 24, 2021

Valve launches Steam Deck verified! Half-Life 2 gets support for Vulkan and ultrawide monitors, Xwayland adds the Nvidia bits, the future of graphics with Zig, and Google wants to license zombie Stadi


Linux Game Cast 478: Trapped in the Void

October 17, 2021

Steam bans games built on blockchain tech, Lutris adds initial support for Epic Games, HTC announces the VIVE Flow, DOOM with check boxes, and a Twitter account full of Deck pics.


Linux Game Cast 477: Vegan Sex Dungeon

October 10, 2021

Valve rips open a Steam Deck! Twitch leaks reveal an unreleased Steam competitor, Valve Jupiter benchmarks, and SCUMM celebrates 20 years of being awesome.


Linux Game Cast 476: Liquid Shame

October 03, 2021

The Steam Deck gets benched! Vermintide 2 developers share their thoughts on Proton powered EAC, Carmack unlocks the Oculus Go, Twitch is testing boosts, and Linus (not that one) prepares to Linux. 


Linux Game Cast 475: The GUI Middle

September 26, 2021

Easy Anti-Cheat AND BattlEye launch for Linux! VR enabled SteamDecks, DOTA goes Vulkan only, Nvidia fixes a leaky D3D12, and a $60 capture card that doesn't suck.


Linux Game Cast 474: Make a Fish Foundation

September 19, 2021

Steam Deck dev-kits are on the move! Team Fortress 2 nature & wildlife preservation measures, new software for Stream Decks on Linux, Ryzen 4700S benchmarks, and Quake in 13 kilobytes or less.


Linux Game Cast 473: Podcast McPodcastface

September 12, 2021

The Proton President™ says the Steam Deck won’t run everything, Epic loses their case against Apple, Runescape developers nuke RuneLite HD from orbit, Linux PS4 emulator Spline gets an update, and Twi


Linux Game Cast 472: Too Many Bridges

September 05, 2021

Take-Two sues open-source GTA fan projects re3 & reVC, Valve talks about high-end gaming on the Steam Deck, new karts and arenas land in SuperTuxKart 1.3, Twitch adds a Software and Game Development c


Linux Game Cast 471: Nice Cans

August 29, 2021

Valve turns 25, Portal shooter Splitgate launches with day-one Linux support, AMD adds 17 new PCI IDs for Navi, OBS YouTube integration, 4K game capture with Blackmagic, and Proton is the new native.


Linux Game Cast 470: Probably Just a Keylogger

August 22, 2021

Quake Bethmasterd launches with mixed results, Steam patches an ‘unlimited funds’ wallet hack, Intel provides details for Alchemist GPUs, multiplayer Zork, and RGB Razors on Linux.


Linux Game Cast 469: Game Pass on Deck and Garry’s Mad at Linux

August 15, 2021

The head of Xbox shares his thoughts on the SteamDeck, Amiga 500 Mini consoles with working keyboards, SDL adds support for PipeWire, Team Fortress gets the Source 2 treatment...


Linux Game Cast 468: Full-Metal Panda

August 08, 2021

Linux reaches 1% in the Steam hardware & software survey! Playstation emulator RPCS3 enables support for AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR), Back 4 Blood mysteriously works with ProtonGE, and a pre


Linux Game Cast 467: Steamy Decks & 3DFX

August 01, 2021

3DFX returns from the dead! Rust might be headed back to Linux, Half-Life 2: Remastered Collection is coming to Steam, Proton GE adds support for AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR), and why install


Linux Game Cast 466: Blinking Bad

July 25, 2021

Steam Deck development kits begin to ship! Nvidia demos RTX on ARM running Arch, Twitch does something about DMCA notices, AMD FSR comes to Linux, and the best Raptor dating simulator of 2021.


Linux Game Cast 465: Gabe Gear

July 18, 2021

Everything we know about the Steam Deck! Twitch gets around to adding a Linux tag, our take on the Mr. X Nightmare DLC, bringing portals to a FPS fight, and streaming Raspberry Pi games to ...


Linux Game Cast 464: Hipster Pickles

July 11, 2021

Big performance gains for DX12 titles in the latest Proton! Amazon gives the Linux Foundation wood, new nvenc speeds up OBS, Fantasy Strike gets a facelift, and what makes a game HD?


Linux Game Cast 463: Moth Of The Week

July 04, 2021

Unity games head to ChromeOS! Reverse-engineered GTA code is back online, Humble Bundle adjusts their sliders, Steam nukes a NAT, and Streets of Rage 4 Nightmare DLC gets a release date. 


Linux Game Cast 462: Mint is Ubuntu

June 27, 2021

Nvidia DLSS 2.0 comes to Linux! AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution goes open-source, Wayland powered Minecraft, Steamy summer sales, and what happened to Borealis?


Linux Game Cast 461: Old Kepler

June 20, 2021

Left 4 Dead 2 gets the Vulkan treatment! Roblox is finally playable on Linux, ultra-wide Super Mario, and getting audio from your HDMI capture card or webcam in OBS. 


Linux Game Cast 460: Shirty McShirtshirt

June 13, 2021

A Blizzard executive wants to know if you game on Linux, Collabora puts the WINE in Wayland, Hollow Knight defaults to Vulkan, SMACH Z officially calls it quits, and a new Linux app for aspiring VTubers. 


Linux Game Cast 459: Atari Speaker Hat

June 06, 2021

The Atari VCS gets a release date! Nvidia brings DLSS to Linux via Proton, OBS 27 adds support for Wayland, and vulkan powered ray tracing for older AMD hardware.  


Linux Game Cast 458: SteamPal Bootiosity

May 30, 2021

Everything we know about Valve's rumoured portable gaming PC, Nvidia nukes support for 700 series GPUs, Tesla is hiring Linux game developers, and multiplayer American Truck Simulator. 


Linux Game Cast 457: We Cher Things

May 23, 2021

Proton GE adds support for Mass Effect Legendary Edition! Fedora 35 threatens to replace SDL 1.2, porting Outer Wonders to Linux, and Valve reminds everyone where that 30% goes.


Linux Game Cast 456: Metroidvania Waifus

May 16, 2021

The Smach Z project calls it quits! GabeN mentions consoles and the internet explodes, Proton 6.8 GE turns Replicant into Replican, enhanced Quake 3 engines, and a new take on the GODOT Jam. 


Linux Game Cast 455: Stick with Danglymeshes

May 09, 2021

Humble brings back the sliders! Star Citizen teases Vulkan powered penguins, Steam is working on a new runtime, and Portal Reloaded & Grifflands make their Linux debut. 


Linux Game Cast 454: Cyberpunk 1444

May 02, 2021

Wolfire Games files antitrust lawsuit against Valve, Raspberry Pi powered PS4/5 remote play with Chiaki, Nvidia poisons the cryptominer well, tips for X4 Foundations modding on Linux, and a cautionary tale about new releases and ...


Linux Game Cast 453: Nier Death Experience

April 25, 2021

Steam Playtest exits beta! Vkd3d gets them rays, why the Metro Exodus Linux port was less than stellar, and testing NieR Replicant with the latest Proton Experimental. 


Linux Game Cast 452: Profitable By 2027

April 18, 2021

After an Epic wait Metro Exodus comes to Linux! Commandos 2 gets a slick HD remake, modders discover a co-op mode in Binding of Isaac: Repentance, Steam fixes a log standing vulnerability, and FPGA gaming with MiSTer.


Linux Game Cast 451: Cowboy Beep-Boop

April 11, 2021

DevilutionX adds support for Hellfire! CS:GO gets investigated by the FBI, Streets of Rage 4 DLC details revealed, unlocking vGPU functionality on Geforce and Quadros, and new Vulkan drivers for AMD. 


Linux Game Cast 450: Powered by Spoon

April 04, 2021

Nvidia enables GPU passthrough for Linux! Proton 6.3 gets special Triad powers, Celeste 1.4 adds tweaks for speedrunners, PAYDAY offers players golden spoons, and Vangers goes high-def. 


Linux Game Cast 449: Super Monkey Giraffe

March 28, 2021

Metro Exodus gets a Linux release date! Valve introduces Clippy for DOTA, GODOT explores the wonderful world of OpenXR, and the engine behind Sea Dogs goes open-source. Then Aloof faces the ChairQAsition.  


Linux Game Cast 448: Harked Real Hard

March 21, 2021

Valve is working on wireless VR! Neverwinter Nights gets fractional scaling, speedy shaders for Mesa, and a clean-room reimplementation of Half-Life: Deathmatch. Then Can't Drive This faces the ChairQAsition. 


Linux Game Cast Weekly 447: Atari Feces

March 14, 2021

On this week's show Steam deletes CS:GO, Audacity begins work on new ATARI 2600 titles, Microsoft drops some code into Mesa, Star Trek New Worlds gets open-sourced, and a new FMV game for Linux in 2021. Then Hover faces the ChairQAsition. All this,


Linux Game Cast Weekly 446: Penguin Rail Gun

March 07, 2021

Valve releases Steam Link for Linux! Loop Hero gets a day-one release, Warzone 2100 travels to Vulkan, and Heroic Games Launcher automagically checks for game updates. Then Laser Cup gets roasted in the Chairqasition. 


Linux Game Cast Weekly 445: GaryMX Switches

February 28, 2021

Hollow Knight gets super Vulkan powers! Doom 3 source port dhewm3 learns how to fullscreen, Primal Light 2.0 brings several quality of life improvements, and Nvidia releases drivers for a card you can't buy.


Linux Game Cast Weekly 444: Feet Fighter

February 21, 2021

Valve gives Portal 2 Vulkan powers! GTA 3 and Vice City reverse-engineering project gets nuked from orbit, 4A Games confirms Metro Exodus is still headed to Linux, and Nvidia does something silly with the 3060.


Linux Game Cast Weekly 443: Realisticality

February 14, 2021

OBS learns how to Wayland! Terraria nopes their Stadia port, ray-tracing performance testing on Linux, and how to deal with a Steam Controller addiction. Then Jumpala faces the ChairQAsition. 


Linux Game Cast Weekly 442: Hyper-Weeb Drifter

February 07, 2021

Valheim gets a day one Linux release! Embracer yoinks the game porting experts at Aspyr, big upgrades for OpenSuspect, Corsair wins their infringement case against Valve, and Google Stadia is winding down. 


Linux Game Cast Weekly 441: Sultans of Spandex

January 31, 2021

System76 releases a guide for Linux gaming! Castlevania gets a GZDoom powered remake, ATARI VCS benchmarks, and Sonic 1 & 2 decompilation. Then Jeff Kreis tells us how ToeJam & Earl came to Linux.


Linux Game Cast Weekly 440: Gun Accordion

January 24, 2021

Denuvo Anti-Cheat lands in Steamworks! Proton adds enables support for futex2, Sonic CD gets thoroughly decompiled, and Heroic Games Launcher has something special for you dual-booters. Then Scraps faces, the ChairsQAsition. 


Linux Game Cast Weekly 439: Schrodinger’s Pants

January 17, 2021

Valve continues to invest in Linux gaming! GamerOS 22 plays with pods, Link: The Faces of Evil gets remastered, Nvidia announces l2Gb paper, and Álex Román tells us what the hell a Project Heartbeat is. 


Linux Game Cast Weekly 438: Fedora 43000

January 10, 2021

Reverse engineering Xbox games with Linux! The most followed games on Steam, Feral Interactive ends support for Tomb Raider, a native launcher for Epic Games, and Nvidia threatens to Xwayland. All this, plus your hate mail. 


Linux Game Cast Weekly 437: Debian Ballsy

January 03, 2021

Linux gets ported to the N64! Gigabyte confirms 12Gb Nvidia 3080 and 3060 variants, Game Off 2020 results, and what's going on with the latest Steam hardware & software survey? Then Streets of Rage 4 faces the ChairQAsition.


Linux Game Cast Weekly 436: AA Games With A Side Of Fries

December 27, 2020

Steam launches the Winter sale, Proton Experimental gets spacial audio, Scraps: Modular Vehicle Combat hits 1.0, rolling your own streaming service with OSP, and the benefits of porting your game to Linux.