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Linux Game Cast 527: Big Data Mateus

September 25, 2022

Proton Experimental enables nvapi for a gang of new games, GPD announces their Steam Deck competitor, Steam introduces real-time charts, NVIDIA 40 series priced for miners, and navigating the Epic Sto


Linux Game Cast 526: Public Submarines

September 19, 2022

EVGA nopes their GPU division, Steam improves their Vulkan capture, CS:GO gets a performance bump, and fully functional DualSense haptics on Linux. 


Linux Game Cast 525: Vampire Hunter F

September 11, 2022

Valve opens Steam Deck service centers, 2K breaks Bioshock on Linux, Bethesda deploys official servers for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, AMD announces FSR 2.1, and the Intel Arc deathwatch continues.


Linux Game Cast 524: Fisto Roboto

September 04, 2022

SteamOS Holo sees a big jump in the latest Hardware Survey, AMD launches Ryzen 7000, Intel ARC speculation that makes sense, Half-Life 3 artwork surfaces, and a game for people who enjoy moving.


Linux Game Cast 523: Wiggle Wolf

August 28, 2022

Wii U emulator Cemu goes open-source! A new Linux handheld based on the ODROID-N2+, Valve has an abundance of Steam Decks, Denuvo wants to crack down on Switch emulation, and a new Steam Mobile App th


Linux Game Cast 522: Narch The ARCH!

August 21, 2022

Running the Nintendo Switch’s Horizon OS on Linux, W4 plans to monetize Godot, Half-Life smashes its concurrent players record, and is Win32 the only stable ABI?


Linux Game Cast 521: Diet Milk With Lime

August 14, 2022

Axiom Verge 2 exits Epic Early Access! Steam gets crazy with Joy-Cons, simplifying id Software store listings, and NVIDIA releases a bunch of files that end in h. Then Blacken Slash faces, the ChairAQ


Linux Game Cast 520: Thorbin’ Time

August 08, 2022

Proton Experimental adds initial support for HALO Infinite! Logitech announces a cloud-based gaming handheld, OBS Studio 28.0 is ready for testing, and Dennis Payne tells us about open-source game dev


Linux Game Cast 519: 3 Headaches 1 Show

July 31, 2022

All Steam Deck reservations ship by the end of this year! Cancelled open world space sim Limit Theory goes open-source, testing We Don't Go To Ravenholm on Linux, and Intel Arc Desktop GPUs are absolu


Linux Game Cast 518: Another Ornery German

July 24, 2022

Epic releases Linux binaries for Unreal Engine 5, overclocking the Intel Arc A380, Valve warns customers about overheating Steam Decks, and Heroic Games Launcher adds support for GOG Cloud Saves. Spec


Linux Game Cast 517: The John McClane Of Squirrels

July 17, 2022

Intel shows off Arc A750 graphics performance, Valve wants to put SteamOS on the GPD Win Max 2, Crowsworn releases a new trailer, updated driver requirements for Proton, and delisting games for fun an


Linux Game Cast 516: Rabies Soup

July 10, 2022

Microsoft nerfs Xbox Cloud Gaming on Linux, Anbernic launches a budget Deck competitor, QR code powered Steam logins, AV1 hardware encoding on the Arc A380, and FEX-Emu learns how to Proton.


Linux Game Cast 515: Problems In Unityland

July 04, 2022

M.2 mods could shorten the life of your Steam Deck, Crypt of the NecroDancer gets its first update in 5 years, Unity lays off 4% of their workforce, Xonotic 0.8.5 brings the pretty, and we celebrate 2


Linux Game Cast 514: McSkyrims

June 26, 2022

The Steam Summer Sale begins! Intel Arc A380 gaming performance disappoints, FidelityFX Super Resolution 2 is opened-sourced, adding a Portal gun to Half-Life 2, and Minecraft bans players from privat


Linux Game Cast 513: Dongles for Days

June 20, 2022

Neverwinter Nights turns 20! Heroic Games Launcher unifies your game library, adds experimental Linux support, running Minecraft in the cloud, and TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge faces... the CH


Linux Game Cast 512: Steamy Double Decker

June 12, 2022

Vulkan powered Shredder's Revenge comes to Linux next week! Pokemon invades the terminal, adding a second screen to your Steam Deck, and the best controller with two spinny wheels that you will see th


Linux Game Cast 511: Captain Tracy Morgan Freeman

June 05, 2022

Steam Docks get delayed, Proton powered MechWarrior Online, Deck-sized BioShock Remastered, NVIDIA learns to Gamescope, and Mario comes to Garry's Mod. 


Linux Game Cast 510: Let Your Morbs Out

May 29, 2022

Steam Deck and Index parts/repair guides are now available! Psychonauts 2 comes to Linux, an easy way to check Proton anti-cheat compatibility, and Open Morrowind enables post-processing.


Linux Game Cast 509: The QuadTim

May 22, 2022

Psychonauts 2 comes to Linux next week! Steam releases a patch for whiny Steam Decks, NVIDIA Image Scaling lands in Gamescope, and GoGodotJam 3 is underway!


Linux Game Cast 508: Conversational Train of Horse

May 16, 2022

NVIDIA releases open-source GPU modules for Linux! Per-game performance profiles for SteamDeck, Duke Nukem Forever 2001 build leaks, RIP LHR, and the Heroic Games Launcher gets 50 shades of pretty.


Linux Game Cast 507: Pengy Nuggies

May 08, 2022

Linux usage spikes in the latest Steam hardware survey, Microsoft 3D Movie Maker goes open-source, RDNA3 GPUs have AV1 encoding powers, Persona 4 Golden gets Steam Deck verified, and Epic puts Fortnit


Linux Game Cast 506: Betterer, Fasterer, Strongerer

May 01, 2022

Steam Decks get a lockscreen! Heroic Games Launcher integrates Winetricks, Collabora brings sanity to Bluetooth on Linux, Ultra Deluxe Stanley Parable, and Ubuntu puts Steam in a Snap.


Linux Game Cast 505: DeckDock

April 24, 2022

Steam Deck Docks get upgraded USB holes, Playdate consoles begin shipping, Overgrowth goes open-source, updating DualSense firmware from Linux, and a big blue fox invades Half-Life 2.


Linux Game Cast 504: Big Deck In Japan

April 17, 2022

Back 4 Blood brings zombie mayhem to Linux! Dead Cells adds accessibility options in their latest alpha, tracing rays on the Steam Deck, and the Radeon RX 7000 counts to 7. 


Linux Game Cast 503: Fearing the Reaper

April 10, 2022

Valve reflects on one month of Deck, nvtop adds AMDGPU support, Intel changes ARC ship dates, and a Pi Pico powered DIY racing wheel.


Linux Game Cast 502: Our Backend is Fine

April 03, 2022

Installing SteamOS on your Playstation 4! Hypercharged Unboxed comes to Linux, Fall Guys flirts with EAC support, Lutris adds support for the Steam Deck, new Intel ARC details, and the state of handhe


Linux Game Cast 501: PotatOS

March 27, 2022

Steam on Chromebooks is now a thing! NVIDIA is working on Gamescope, Steam Decks get opt-in feedback, and RIP RetroArch Playtest.


Linux Game Cast 500: Episode D

March 20, 2022

Microsoft brings Xbox Cloud Gaming to the Steam Deck!? Vermintide 2 experiments with EAC on Linux, AMD announces FSR 2.0, DOOM on the Raspberry Pi Pico, and the developer of Lutris shares his thoughts


Linux Game Cast 499: A Familiar Blur

March 13, 2022

Google threatens to update Stadia, universal DXVK Cache files, Elden Ring is better on the Steam Deck, and Windows drivers for your Linux console. Special thanks to: Stein (new patreon) Tomasz (execut


Linux Game Cast 498: Exsquarimental

March 06, 2022

Valve releases Steam Deck recovery images! Destiny 2 threatens to ban Linux gamers, Vkd3d-proton gives Elden Ring a speed boost, hackers leak NVIDIA source code.


Linux Game Cast 497: Decks Out For Harambe

February 27, 2022

GOG suggests installing Windows on your Steam Deck, Deck compatibility guides, and salty Deck reviews. Then we talk about a new game from Valve, adding scripts & macros to gamepads, N64 emulation in t


Linux Game Cast 496: Dunk’n’Lube

February 20, 2022

Steam Deck replacement parts will be available from iFixit! Intel desktop GPUs scheduled for spring, Arthropods invade multiplayer voxel RPG Veloren, and recording multitrack audio with OSB on Linux.


Linux Game Cast 495: Metal Hoisting Lizard

February 13, 2022

Valve open-sources Steam Deck CAD files! ChimeraOS gets a sweet compatibility rating system, EA experiments with Easy Anti-Cheat on Linux, and building an open Gamedev school.


Linux Game Cast 494: Super Fux Kart

February 06, 2022

Game developers share their thoughts on the Steam Deck, CodeWeavers is looking for a Linux QA gaming human, a new compatibility layer for the Glide API, and adding FSR support to SteamOS.


Linux Game Cast 493: Also Your Mom

January 30, 2022

Valve announces Steam Deck shipping dates! WINE 7.1 gets Vulkan 1.3 goodness, Nvidia 3050 reviews, rendering hipster-polygons with Tetra3d, and the head of YouTube gaming calls it quits.


Linux Game Cast 492: Wesnoth, Which Is Weird

January 24, 2022

Wii emulator CEMU is headed to Linux! Valve makes Easy Anti-Cheat easier for Windows developers, Porting Jak and Daxter to PC, a new GOG competitor, and Steam Deck compatibility reviews begin.


Linux Game Cast 491: Floppy Things

January 16, 2022

Humble removes DRM-free Linux downloads from the Trove, Steam Deck shipping updates, running God of War on Linux, and €300 Radeon RX 6500XT's because reasons. 


Linux Game Cast 490: Year of the Linux Deck-Top

January 09, 2022

Canonical is hiring a Linux Desktop Gaming Product Manager! Enabling EAC on Linux takes more than a few clicks, Intel talks about ARC at CES, and reducing your shooty pew pew times with LatencyFleX. 


Linux Game Cast 489: Hamsandwich Dot Com

January 03, 2022

The top Steam games of 2021! OBS gets super Flatpak powers, Intel ARC release dates leaked, SuperTux enters early access, and will AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution be a big deal for Steam Decks?


Linux Game Cast 488: One Legged Duck

December 26, 2021

Steam gets banhammered in China! PotonDB has a festive holiday update, wine on Wayland year-end updates, and Linux has become a viable gaming platform.


Linux Game Cast 487: Silent Girth

December 19, 2021

Valve shrinks the Steam Deck, Amazon wants a Linux gamer, CS:GO gets a Vulkan button, and Open Razer makes 10 new devices blink.


Linux Game Cast 486: Surly Access

December 12, 2021

Valve reveals an exclusive case for the Steam Deck, 12GB Nvidia 2060 benchmarks, resurrecting LEGO® Universe with open-source, and a working DayZ launcher for Linux.


Linux Game Cast 485: Licker of Laptops

December 05, 2021

Fedora launches a live streaming initiative! BattlEye adds support for ARK & Mount & Blade II on Linux, NVIDIA announces the 2060 12GB, Steam is headed to Chromebooks, and Linus attempts to install a


Linux Game Cast 484: Yami Pedro

November 28, 2021

Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II gets an open-source reimplementation! Ubuntu releases a guide for gaming on Linux, Wolfire Games loses their antitrust lawsuit against Valve, and slapping a coat of HD on N


Linux Game Cast 483: TriceraHoff

November 21, 2021

Star Citizen enables EAC for Linux gamers, Steam adds 4K capture with PipeWire, NVIDIA open-sources their Image Scaling SDK, GTA Modders take Take-Two to court, and Streamlabs does a dumb. 


Linux Game Cast 482: The Spocker

November 14, 2021

Steam Decks get delayed by two months, DLSS on Linux with Proton Experimental, SDL goes 3D, setting up OBS, and building a Steam Deck development kit with spare parts. 


Linux Game Cast 481: The Internet Is Stupid

November 07, 2021

Valve announces official support for BattleEye on Proton! Open Morrowind gets a fancy lighting system, Steam Deck virtual conference with AMD, and celebrating 9 years of Steam on Linux. 


Linux Game Cast 480: Fail to the King

October 31, 2021

Linux gamers report more bugs! Proton adds support for CEG DRM, gaming on the Raspberry Pi Zero 2, and 26 blockchain game companies want Steam to unban NFTs.


Linux Game Cast 479: Dual Sock 4

October 24, 2021

Valve launches Steam Deck verified! Half-Life 2 gets support for Vulkan and ultrawide monitors, Xwayland adds the Nvidia bits, the future of graphics with Zig, and Google wants to license zombie Stadi


Linux Game Cast 478: Trapped in the Void

October 17, 2021

Steam bans games built on blockchain tech, Lutris adds initial support for Epic Games, HTC announces the VIVE Flow, DOOM with check boxes, and a Twitter account full of Deck pics.